Welcome, we're very appreciative of your visit today. This page is where we explain the meaning of the name Tesfa-abebe and our efforts to inspire programs to assist with the fight for cannabis reform around the world.
Let’s start off with the meaning of the name Tesfa-abebe, the name given to the founder, by his father, was Tesfa-abebe Selassie I Vassell, and however you’re pronouncing it, you’re probably correct. A search for the name Tesfa-abebe, and the meaning, will result in multiple explanations that may differ greatly. However, this name was given to him with the meaning of hope and blooming like a flower, with an Ethopian origin; other meanings of this name is positive powers of the soul or a clever mind…

He became inspired by the name as I became older, and decided to start a clothing line in 2005, with the efforts again being to change our way of life, to plan around holiday shopping events, to give a gift to someone who's in need, all while maintaining our footprint in the cannabis industry as the official wear of some of jamaica's biggest events such as Rastafari Rootzfest Ganjamaica Cup. There's a global issue facing our country, well, the least, as there are many other countries around the world with stricter cannabis laws and penalties. Oh how far we've come, and how far we have to go to achieve constitutional rights to use a safer product, as opposed to being pienalized for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, by accepting cannabis and rejecting cigarettes. Oh how we have suffered, WE EARNED IT! Cannabis must be free, with just laws and regulations if necessary.

This is what Tesfa-Abebe represents, hope blooming like a flower, there's still hope, it starts with it's You. Be open to a cannabis discussion, and weigh the benefits and risks, vs cigarettes.

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